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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Joshua Mason: The Story Behind the Walk Ons

Guest Post

Image From: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-2081571/Ally-Pally-TV-gold-darts-doesnt-dancing-Edge-box.html
A great walk on can make you a memorable darts player, even when you’re not finding the doubles. There has been so many variations, with some representing something about the player, and others just a call to arms for the fans. The biggest take place at the World Championships and if you throw the gorgeous walk on girls into the mix, it really is the glamour part of darts. It is a side of the sport I love and can’t be seen at other events, like The Open or at an Olympics steeped in tradition, but I think they are missing out. The impact of getting a crowd on your side (or the animosity) can be the difference between winning and losing. 

What makes a great walk on? Well initially just a great song. Combining a song with your name can also be key to getting the audience in your favour, for instance Vincent Van der Voort walks on to KC & The Sunshine Band ‘Baby Give It Up’ and who doesn’t like that! Next is props, drunk audiences love a bit of participation, and bringing out something with you as you go up to the oche makes you stand out. Accessories to your clothes also can bring great pantomime to a walk on, just make sure you take it off before commencing a match. Lastly, and most importantly is energy. Nothing annoys me more than a darts player walking out to a huge anthem, and then proceeding to slowly walk down, reluctantly high fiving the fans. I want to see someone who is excited to be there, excited to entertain and excited to play. So here is the best (in my opinion) walk ons in professional darts.

Phil Taylor
Yes he is the most famous player, but I think even if he wasn’t a darts legend, the song choice alone is brilliant. It also gave birth to his nickname. It was baptised upon him by a Sky floor manager who played the song for Phil and then gave him the nickname too in the early days of the PDC.

Wayne Mardle
One of my favourites is Wayne Mardle’s. Inspired by a favourite TV show of his Hawaii Five-O his walk on effectively achieves success from his own immense energy. His walk on also involves all of my tips above. He wears a bright Hawaiian shirt, often imitated by fans, and brings out inflatable palm trees and pacific garlands. He has even managed to get the walk on girls involved, dressing them in the traditional garlands and grass skirts of Hawaii.

Steve Hine
The big man from Coventry took an aspect of his life, his vocation, and ran with it as his theme. A former baker, Hine’s bizarre walk on involves him dressed in full Baker attire handing out muffins to the crowd. So if he doesn’t impress on the stage at least they are well fed.

Ted Hankey
Ted Hankey is one of those that feeds off the crown as a villain. His resemblance to Dracula gave him the persona he needed to grab the fans attention and make them sit up and take notice. If that doesn’t work the music does, the opening line, “This is my territory, be on your way!”, a warning to all that cross him at darts.

Greg Davies
I know what you’re thinking, huh? The guy from the Inbetweeners? Yes. Greg Davies appeared on the Sport Relief Programme ‘Lets Play Darts’. As well as seeing Bob Mortimer dressed as a carpet, it also featured Greg Davies winning the best walk on competition ever with a great name to boot! The Abomniable Throwman was dressed head to toe in fur, like an Arctic pimp and walked out to ‘Cold as Ice’, throwing snowballs and hiding the MC under his coat. It was a performance that saw me and the commentators in stitches.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Edward Wade: My Top 3 Players Never To Win a World Championship

Guest Post

We have had some fantastic players grace the stage at the World Championships. There have been the obvious titans of the game, Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, Michael Van Gerwen and Gary Anderson. There are also many who have been good enough to play a World Championship, but not manage to win it. With this year’s championship set to be one of the most hotly contested, who are the best ever darts players who have never won a championship?

Image From: http://img.picturequotes.com/2/22/21527/we-are-so-close-yet-so-far-quote-1.jpg

Andy Hamilton 

‘The Hammer’ has been a consistent presence in the game. He has been reaching semi-finals on a consistent level and has been at the top of the Darts game since 2004. His best performance at a World Championship came back in 2012 where he lost in the final to Adrian Lewis. Despite the loss it was still a phenomenal performance. The man started the tournament at 200-1 odds! That tournament was arguably Hamilton’s best. His finishing was second to none. He beat, Antonio Alcinas, Vincent van der Voort, Dave Chisnall, Kim Huybrechts and of course Simon Whitlock. The Whitlock match is perhaps one of Hamilton’s greatest ever matches at a World Championship. He found himself down at 5-3, before throwing some brilliant darts including four ton-plus finishes to reach the final. Hamilton will always be a contender at major PDC tournaments. Unfortunately, though his last outing at a World Championship was not that good, with ‘The Hammer’ losing in the first round. Personally I think it might be too late for Hamilton at a World Championships.

Terry Jenkins

Jenkins once reached number four in the world rankings and was always considered a World Championship contender. However, ‘The Bull’ has not won any of his nine PDC finals losing all of them. His best World Championship performance came in 2011 where he managed to reach the semi-finals. Although he got this far it wasn’t a brilliant performance from Jenkins. He was nervy throughout the tournament, he never appeared that comfortable on stage. He did manage to produce his first ever televised 170 checkout, in his quarter-final victory over Wes Newton. Although Jenkins has been an ever presence within PDC tournaments, he will have to massively pick up his game if he is to improve on that semi-final appearance. His last World Championship tournament ended in a first round loss, winning only four legs! Jenkins does remain upbeat claiming he will win a major. There is no doubt Jenkins has the potential to win a World Championship. Hopefully with his can-do attitude he can eventually do it!

Peter Wright

Wright has really come into his own the past few years. ‘Snakebite’ may have surprised a few when reaching the 2014 final at the World Championships, but his performances since have shown he was there on merit not luck! He has done well the past few years reaching the final of the UK Open the past two years. However, he is yet to win a PDC event. Although his 2014 final opponent Van Gerwen is favourite again, if Wright can re-find some of that form that took him to the 2014 final, he should give the Dutchman a good run for his money. Wright is arguably the best player on the list. He is the youngest out of the bunch and has the charisma to go all the way. Having the right mentality is arguably the most important thing for darts players.

There are a few names who have missed out. Bobby George, James Wade and Chris Mason must get an honourable mention! But in terms of consistently doing well over the years, then these are my pick of the bunch. So what do you think? Will ‘Snakebite’ live up to his potential and claim a World Championship? Or will it be a new player on the scene that brings home the next major?

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Guest Post...Edward Wade's Champions League Preview

After my lengthy absence from the world of darts reporting, I am delighted to now present a new article. I have had a busy few months with a trip to Australia in March as well as working towards my A Levels and going to university in September. This has meant I have taken a short break from reporting but I hope to be back with monthly posts from the July onwards.
In the meantime, Edward Wade has kindly stepped in with a guest post about the greatly anticipated Champions League of Darts. Hopefully the first of many posts on Jambosdarts, Edward has a strong journalistic style and will hopefully keep all of us informed (Including myself!) about everything we need to know about darts this summer.  

BBC Deal For Champions League Darts with Unibet

With Unibet confirming that they will be the main sponsor for the PDC Darts Champions League in September. This means the event will be broadcast live on the BBC, directly from the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.
The Champions League will take place on 24 and September 25 in Cardiff. The players will play one match per group session on Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. The top two players from each group will compete on Sunday in the decisive semi-finals and finals. The games will be played in a round robin format with the top two players from each group going through to the knockout semi-finals and then the final. There is a staggering £100,000 first prize available for the eventual winner.
Through this sponsorship of the Champions League, Unibet extend their existing sponsorship of the European Championship and the Masters, in what is yet another ground breaking deal in 2016. Darts has always been a popular sport, but for people who do not have the luxury of Sky TV it has been exceedingly difficult to view the top professionals. The BBC already shows the BDO, but this new coverage will give all fans an opportunity to see their heroes.
‘’The BBC has a long history of broadcasting darts but this will be the start of an exciting new era’’ said PDC Chariman Barry Hearn.
It should also be a brilliant opportunity to get more people involved in the game. Currently very low brow in terms of participation it should be a great chance entice younger viewers with the joy of the game.
‘’Darts has always had wide appeal and it is great that audiences will get the chance to see all the action from the world’s top players live on BBC Two and across our platforms’’ said Barbara Slater, the Director of BBC Sport
In terms of increased popularity, it could potentially mean even bigger things for the sport in general, with more coverage and bigger crowds it could result in even more darts events being covered live.
Participants are not yet known, but with hits like Van Gerwen, Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis it will be fascinating to see just who might have the best chance of winning.  

The chance to see top quality Darts players live isn’t something every fan gets the opportunity to do. However, with the international stars taking to the stand it will be brilliant to see just how many treble twenties we get to see firsthand!
"The Unibet Champions League of Darts is a real showpiece for the Professional Darts Corporation and the extensive BBC broadcast the darts will reach a large audience of passionate sports fans," said Chris Watson Unibet. "We are pleased to promote to be involved as headline sponsor for such a spectacular darts event and our support for the PDC."
For Darts fans it will be a fantastic opportunity to fall even further in love with the game. Most supporters of the game, (including myself) don’t get to watch enough darts, because of the lack of coverage. With BBC coverage, it should also mean more support live in Cardiff, which will only enhance the fantastic Darts atmosphere, which is genuinely like no other sport.